Our Story & Services

Kiefer Brothers began in 1987, when my brother Joseph and I formed a company to provide landscaping, stonework, and edible landscapes to customers in Central Vermont. Working with plantings and the land is our background. We grew up in New York State, on a dairy farm that had big vegetable gardens. Tending those gardens with our dad was never a chore — because it was time spent with him.

Jim dadOur dad taught us the value of hard work, the pleasure of working outdoors, and the satisfaction of harvesting what you’ve raised in the garden. When Joseph and I started Kiefer Brothers, our vision was to work closely with each client to develop a personalized landscape.

After two years, Joseph moved on to create FoodWorks, a Montpelier nonprofit that for over 20 years connected Vermont students and schools with food and local agriculture. I continue to run Kiefer Brothers, working with a crew of energetic, experienced young professionals.

Our business is an ever-evolving mix of site design, stonework, and plantings. Every project is unique! YOUR Landscape tells how we work closely with each client, to design and install a landscape that is personally yours — and that can thrive on your particular property.

We offer services in:

  • Site Analysis and Project Design. See the section YOUR Landscape for more on this process.
  • Hardscapes and Stonework — walkways, patios, stairs, and walls.
  • Plantings — shrubs, trees, perennials, and annuals.
  • Annual followups — to keep your landscape trimmed, pruned, and growing, just as it should.

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I look forward to working with you!
Jim Kiefer